Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

Wishing you a blessed New Year 2017!!

Popping in to wish you a healthy 


Happy New Year 2017!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Greatest Need, Love Came Down at Christmas, Merry Christmas

Love came down at Christmas
Image taken at Walt Disney World by J.Q. Rose
Our Greatest Need

If our greatest need had been information, God would have sent us an educator.
If our greatest need had been technology, God would have sent us a scientist.
If our greatest need had been money, God would have sent us an economist.
If our greatest need had been pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer.
But our greatest need was forgiveness and acceptance, so God sent us a Savior.
--Author Unknown

Wishing you all the hope, peace, love, and joy of this Christmas season!

Merry Christmas! 
from J. (Janet) Q. Rose
Not That Far From Bethlehem with Lyrics from Youtube.com

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Story Behind the Inspiration for my Recently Released Mystery, Dangerous Sanctuary

 Hello and welcome to the Girls Succeed blog!
Dangerous Sanctuary by J.Q. Rose
Pastor Christine Hobbs never imagined 
she would be caring for a flock that includes
 a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.
I'm excited to share with you the release of my new book, Dangerous Sanctuary. The
 romance/mystery was released by Books We Love. I must confess, I have been working toward the dream of having a print book published, so my publisher made that dream a reality! Come on and do a happy dance with me to celebrate!!  

The main character is a female pastor, Pastor Christine Hobbs. This blog is all about the stories behind the scenes. People often ask what inspiredme to write a book featuring a woman pastor.
Girls Succeed! by J.Q. Rose
Inspiring and empowering girls
to achieve success
in their dream careers.

Actually it started because I interviewed a female pastor for my book for girls, Girls Succeed: The Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. I was intrigued with the pastor's story about her entry into the ministry at a time when it was basically a man's career. When she discovered women were making breakthroughs into becoming ordained ministers in a few denominations, her dream of becoming a minister became a reality. She succeeded in earning her Master of Divinity Degree at Yale University Divinity School and was ordained by the General Conference of the Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania.

At the time I interviewed her she was the District Superintendent of the West Michigan United Methodist Church Conference. She was responsible for sixty-nine United Methodist churches and their pastors. Her devotion to God, her determination, and her great experiences sparked the idea for the story. 

That same year, a woman was assigned to our local church. I learned even more about being a woman pastor from her e.g. no one tells a male pastor he’s wearing cute shoes! With these two exceptional role models, I created the character of Pastor Hobbs. Since I’m a mystery writer, Pastor Christine had to be one of the murder suspects and what a contrast to have the good pastor accused of such a horrendous crime.
#  # # #
Now you can meet the Pastor who inspired the book, Pastor Laurie Haller.
Pastor Laurie Haller, Christian minister
Pastor Laurie Haller is busy this week because it's a special season in the Christian year. It's Christmas time. Christians celebrate Christmas because it is the birthday of Jesus Christ who was born in a manger. God sent Him as a baby to teach us about God's love and forgiveness.

When Pastor Laurie was a little girl, she felt a longing to tell the story of Jesus and share His love and kindness. Through her ministry, she wanted  to help transform this world into a better place for everyone.

Laurie pictured playing with a turtle
# # # #
Excerpt from the chapter, Serving God, in Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women

Growing up in the lush, green countryside in Pennsylvania Dutch country in southeastern Pennsylvania, Laurie was able to live in the midst of God’s handiwork.  The magnificent, fertile rolling hills provided farm families with bountiful harvests and open space for grazing animals.  Laurie loved playing outdoors. She, her two brothers, and sister attended the Mennonite church with their father and mother.  The people in this church set her on the path to knowing and loving God and her desire to serve God as a pastor.
“I felt called to be a pastor when I was a little girl, but women were not allowed to be pastors in my denomination, the General Conference Mennonite Church. I decided to study church music in college and graduate school with the idea that I would serve as a Director of Music in a church,” Laurie said.
However, when attending graduate school, she discovered there were women preparing to be pastors in her classes at the seminary. The seminary is a university that teaches students who want to work in the field of religion. Still feeling the call within her to serve God, Laurie enrolled in the seminary after completing her Masters in Music degree. She studied to become a pastor. 
Laurie had never met a woman pastor, but she knew several male pastors whom she admired.  She had to discover her place as a woman in this job.  By the time Laurie graduated from the seminary, the General Conference of the Mennonite Church accepted women as pastors.  She was ordained which means she was received into the ministry of the church.
# # # #

You can learn more about Pastor Laurie and her career as a Christian minister in Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. Click the underlined Amazon to read a sample and download the interactive e-book-- Amazon

Questions, comments, waves and hugs gladly accepted. Send them along in the comment box below. I love to hear from readers.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from J.Q. Rose, Gratitude

Gratitude means thankful.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with gratitude!
Happy Thanksgiving from J.Q.Rose!!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thanks to the Women Who Fought for the Women's Right to Vote!

The polling place is where we vote. Some citizens have voted early.
Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2016!!

You may not realize that women have not always had the right to vote in the USA. Minorities have not always had the right to vote either. Things have changed due to the Women's Suffrage Movement and the Civil Rights Movement.

We have many women who have fought for the 19th amendment to allow women to vote. Troublemakers, they were called, stirring up the ladies to begin a movement for women's voting rights--Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Stanton, Margaret Sanger and more. The Women’s Rights Movement marks July 13, 1848 as its beginning with a gathering of four women for tea one afternoon. Truly there were other women interested in getting the vote, but this group begins the story.The 19th amendment became the law of the land in 1920.

And that's the truth!!
Women truly sacrificed to gain voting rights for the women of today. We honor their efforts, their dedication of long ago and maintain this special privilege. By voting in elections, younger generations will learn they have a say in our government and make a difference in their lives.

Mighty Girl has a fantastic list of books filled with information about this subject. Go there and learn more about these strong, courageous women and the fight for the right to vote!

The National Women's History Project page has a thorough overview of this history-making event. 

And of course, I will end this blog post directed to all those citizens of the USA who can vote in 2016!!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Spotlight on Suzanne de Montigny's A Town Bewitched

Spotlight on Suzanne de Montigny's A Town Bewitched

Girls Succeed blog likes to spotlight books we think our readers would enjoy. Author Suzanne de Montigny, a friend of the Girls Succeed blog, just released a magical, perhaps a bewitching novel, A Town Bewitched

If you like violins, mystery, fantasy, and paranormal stories, take a look.

A Town Bewitched by [de Montigny, Suzanne]
New Release--A Town Bewitched by Suzanne de Montigny
Mystery, fantasy, paranormal

Back of the Book: A Town Bewitched by Suzanne de Montigny

It’s tough for Kira, growing up in the small town of Hope as a child prodigy in classical violin, especially when her dad just died. And to make matters worse, Kate McDonough, the red-haired fiddler appears out of nowhere, bewitching the town with her mysterious Celtic music. 

Even Uncle Jack succumbs to her charms, forgetting his promise to look after Kira’s family. But when someone begins vandalizing the town leaving dead and gutted birds as a calling card, Kira knows without a doubt who’s behind it. Will anyone believe her?

This phenomenal story will lure you into the magic of the bewitched town and make
you care more about the main character than you ever have before. Author –Madeleine McLaughlin

Click here to find out more, order a sample, or purchase A Town Bewitched.

About Suzanne:

Suzanne de Montigny
Author Suzanne de Montigny
SUZANNE DE MONTIGNY wrote her first unicorn story at the age of twelve. Several years later, she discovered it in an old box in the basement, thus reigniting her love affair with unicorns. The Shadow of the Unicorn: The Legacy, was awarded a Gold Global E-book Award for Best Fantasy/Alternate History 2013. Her teen novel, A Town Bewitched, was awarded 1st place in the Dante Rossetti Awards for Best Coming of Age Novel. Suzanne lives in Burnaby, B.C. with the loves of her life - her husband, two boys, and Buddy the dog.
Click here to check out Suzanne's unicorn book in another post on the Girls Succeed blog:

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cyclist Mackenzie Woodring joins TEAM USA in the 2016 Rio Paralympics

Mackenzie Woodring and teammate Shawn Cheshire will be competing
in the tandem bike racing competition at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.
Congratulations to Mackenzie Woodring and her tandem riding teammate Shawn Cheshire for making the Team USA Paralympics squad. Mackenzie, a professional bike rider, has been piloting tandem bikes for visually impaired riders for the past eight years. Shawn, who is from New York, is her third partner in the sport. They have been teammates for three years.

I interviewed her my e-book for Middle Grade girls Girls Succeed! when she was just beginning her career in cycling. She still juggles working as an engineer and her biking competitions, but at this elite level she has to continue to train year round while working her full-time job as an engineer.
Mackenzie and Shawn
Courtesy photo
The Summer Paralympic Games for highly skilled athletes who have physical disabilities begin September 7 and will end September 18 in Rio in Brazil. Athletes from all over the world compete in 23 Paralympic sports and 528 events. The games use the same venues as the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

In 2008 Mackenzie Woodring and  Karissa Whitsell won gold, silver and bronze medals in cycling in Beijing. Not only did they medal three times at the Paralympics, they set a world record in cycling.

Mackenzie Woodring
I told Mackenzie I'd have to edit out the porta-potties 

in the back ground for the book,
 but she exclaimed,
 "Porta-potties are very important to racers!" 

So I left them in for this post. 
Courtesy photo
It has been a privilege to follow Mackenzie's career. She is an excellent role model for girls.
Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women
Available at Amazon Click here to learn more or order the book.

 Discover the obstacles Mackenzie Woodring overcame to continue her career in bicycle racing in the interactive e-book Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women available at amazon.

For more information about Mackenzie and the Paralympics click on the sites below:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Coloring Book: Remembering the Ladies by Carol Simon Levin to be Released in October!

Hello and Welcome to the Girls Succeed blog. 
I'm excited to introduce you to my friend, author, speaker, librarian, Carol Simon Levin. She has created an amazing coloring book, “Remembering the Ladies” celebrating over 50 courageous and tenacious women who fought for equality. She plans to have the book published in October 2016.
Carol--Why is this coloring book different?
  • It’s not “just” a coloring book! 
    • Each coloring page will have a short bio, a fascinating fact and a quote by the woman.  The book will include resources for more reading (I’m a librarian after all!) and places where these women are honored.
    • So, it’s a great educational resource in addition to being fun.
  • It’s inclusive and diverse, just like the women in the book. 
Here's the image for the coloring book created by Laura Davidson

Today we are privileged to be one of the first to have a sneak peek at some pages from the coloring book. Carol is sharing the story and coloring page about Shirley Chisholm, The first black congresswoman in the USA. In 1972, Shirley Chisholm decided to run for the highest office in the land -- president!  She knew she couldn't win but she wanted a way to speak to all of America about the poor, minorities, and the Vietnam War.   She campaigned hard but won only 152 votes at the Democratic convention, a tiny fraction of the 3000 needed to win. Read more about Shirley below.

Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005)  "Unbought & Unbossed"
Born in Brooklyn to immigrant laborer parents, Shirley spent her primary school years with her grandmother in her parents' homeland of Barbados.  She appreciated the excellent education she received there in a one room strict British-style school -- writing in her 1970 autobiography, "If I speak and write easily now, that early education is the main reason."  Shirley returned to the states in 1934 and later enrolled in the integrated Girl's High in Brooklyn, continuing on to get a B.A. at Brooklyn College.  Though she was a prize debater there, she never  dreamed of running for political office -- who would vote for a black woman with a Caribbean accent?  She married, taught nursery school and earned a Masters in Education from the Teacher's College at Columbia University in 1952.  Over the next decade, she became director of two day care centers. 
Seeing the difficulties faced by the families, Shirley became an advocate for early education and child welfare and in 1965, she was elected to the New York State Assembly. There she succeeded  in getting  unemployment benefits extended to domestic workers and sponsored legislation which gave disadvantaged students the chance to enter college.  In 1968, when a new seat was created in a district with African American, Jewish, and Latino voters, Shirley decided to run and, after a tough race, she won.   She was the nation's first black congresswoman.   In Washington,  she staffed her office entirely with women -- surprising everyone since women in most Congressional offices were  few and far between, with the exception of secretaries.   She spoke out strongly against the Vietnam War calling it "immoral, unjust, and unnecessary" and said that the money spent on war would be much better spent helping people with housing, food, and educational programs. 
In 1972, Shirley Chisholm decided to run for the highest office in the land -- president!  She knew she couldn't win but she wanted a way to speak to all of America about the poor, minorities, and the Vietnam War.   She campaigned hard but won only 152 votes at the Democratic convention, a tiny fraction of the 3000 needed to win.  Shirley returned to Congress and continued to fight for the change she believed in.  Later she became a professor at Mt. Holyoke College teaching politics and women's studies  and co-founded the National Political Congress of Black Women.  Once asked how she wished to be remembered, she said she'd like her gravestone to read "Shirley Chisholm had guts."*   In 2015, Shirley Chisholm was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Fascinating Factoid: In the 2008 Democratic presidential primary season,  Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton staged their historic 'firsts' battle – the victor would either be the first major party African-American nominee, or the first woman nominee – but Chisholm's 1972 campaign paved the way for both of them!

Read More:  For Adults:  Unbought and Unbossed by Shirley Chisholm (Expanded 40th Anniversary Ed.) 2010. (Also 2005 DVD: Chisholm '72: Unbought and Unbossed), Shirley Chisholm: Catalyst for Change, by Barbara Winslow, 2014.  For Kids:  Shirley Chisholm by Jill S. Pollack, 1994.

Visit: The Shirley Chisholm Center for Research on Women at Brooklyn College.  Brooklyn, NY. 
# # #
A companion program will be available for booking in the fall of 2016. Contact Carol for scheduling this or any of her other performances.  You can also keep up-to-date on all her programs at her Facebook Page.
# # #
I supported Carol's Remembering the Ladies kickstarter project. If you would be interested in learning more about this unique book and supporting the publishing of it, please visit the kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tellingherstories/remembering-the-ladies-a-coloring-book 
Carol has contributed articles to the Girls Succeed blog about trailblazing women. Click on the names to read about them.
Aida de Acostathe New Jersey Girl who became the "First Woman Aero-driver in the World!" 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service!

Happy 100th Birthday National Park Service!

The Rangers and Staff of the National Park Service are the caretakers of 412 national parks! You're invited to join in the birthday celebration throughout the month of August! 

With special events across the country, and free admission to all 412 national parks from August 25 through August 28, the National Park Service is encouraging everyone to #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque for the centennial!

VIDEO: The First Lady Celebrates the National Park Service--Michelle Obama

Be sure to share this information with your friends. It's time to Celebrate!!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Trailblazer: Hillary Clinton, First Woman from a Major Party Nominated for President of the USA

Flag of the United States of America made entirely of flowers and natural materials
Rose Parade 2014
Photo by J.Q. Rose
Lots of excitement and celebration because of this historic moment in our country--the nomination of Hillary Clinton for President of the USA. She is the first woman from a major party to be in the running for this powerful office.

Quote from Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech July 28, 2016
"When there are no ceilings," she said, "the sky's the limit."

Trailblazers break through those metaphorical ceilings to open paths for others. Last night Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party certainly busted that ceiling.

Secretary Clinton is not the first woman to run for President of the United States.
Women from minor parties have been nominated to be on the ballot too. But, 
the news media does not cover these parties' because they are usually too small or have only one issue in their platform. Their candidacies are not big enough, or perhaps, deemed not important enough  to gather money-making ratings for the giant networks and cable news shows.

According to womenshistory.org, the first woman to run for president was
Victoria Woodhull representing the Equal Rights Party in 1872 and the Humanitarian Party in 1892.
Belva LockwoodNational Equal Rights Party: 1884, 1888. Her campaign for president in 1884 was the first full-scale national campaign of a woman running for president.
More recently, Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party candidate and is running as a candidate from the Green Party again in 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about the women who have been presidential candidates through history, click here to read the article on the women's history website.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net
by debspoons
A shout out to Dads and those who are father figures for children,
Thank you for all you do!

Have a Happy Father's Day!!

Take a minute to shout out to your dad. Leave a comment below and tell us why you think he's special.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Trailblazer: Major Party Candidate for US President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Presumptive Democratic Candidate for USA President
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Photo from pressexaminer.com
At the Girls Succeed Blog, we regularly spotlight women trailblazers. Today we recognize Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first major party candidate for President of the United States. 

We say major party because the two major groups who send up candidates for election are the Republican and Democratic parties. Ms. Clinton is running on the Democratic ticket. Donald Trump is running on the Republican ticket. 

Business woman Carly Fiorina was one of the 17 candidates who took part in the debates and campaigned for president for the Republican party this year.
Flag of the United States of America
Photo by J.Q. Rose
The conventions to formally nominate the candidates will be held this summer. After each party's first elections within their party, presumptive candidates Clinton and Trump respectively have each received the most votes and will be nominated to be their party's candidate for president. 

Other parties will nominate candidates for president too. Three minor parties were recognized in more than 10 states as of April 2016
Libertarian Party: 33 states
Green Party: 21 states
Constitution Party: 13 states

According to womenshistory.org, the first woman to run for president was
Victoria Woodhull representing the Equal Rights Party in 1872 and the Humanitarian Party in 1892.
Belva LockwoodNational Equal Rights Party: 1884, 1888
Her campaign for president in 1884 was the first full-scale national campaign of a woman running for president.
More recently, Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party candidate and is attempting to win the nomination of the Green Party again in 2016.
If you are interested in learning more about the women who have been presidential candidates through history, click here to read the article on the women's history website.

Would YOU like to be the President of your country? Are you interested in holding an elected office? Please leave a comment. I would love to read your thoughts
Thanks for visiting.
# # #
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Time for Playing and Dreaming, Turn Dreams into Success

Hello Dear Readers,
Careers and education
Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net
by Stuart Miles

Is school out for you? Summer plans ahead? 

Today we leave for our first camping trip of the season. The trailer is packed. We're just waiting to pick up our grandsons from school this afternoon and then we'll be off to stay in a State Park near us. Not taking a big drive for the first voyage of the summer. 

We're meeting our daughter and her family--yes, there will be five kids ages 15-7 to spend the weekend together. And I am looking forward to it. S'mores, roasted wieners over the fire, campfire, sunshine, and the freedom we experience as we are away from home and responsibilities. It's like summer camp.

Time to play and dream.

I bet you have dreams too of places you want to go, things you want to do, people you want to meet.

I interviewed successful women who had dreams for their lives. Some of them were just little girls when they knew what they wanted to do. Some started down a different path that led them to a successful career, one they love even more than what they dreamed of.

Dreaming by J.Q. Rose
In a graduation speech to Dartmouth College graduates, Author/TV Writer Shonda Rhimes admitted she wanted to be an award winning author like Toni Morrison. That's all she dreamed about. But she didn't sit around and wish to be a writer or think about being a writer. She actually began writing. She didn't become like Toni Morrison. Instead she found her dream transformed into becoming a writer who creates multi-award winning TV shows like Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Far from her original dream job. But one she loves and would not trade for anything.

Shonda makes a point to tell students in order to make a dream come true, you have to begin working on it, working toward it. Follow the path to find your way to your dream job. Twists and turns and rocky roadways may try to stop you, but grab that GPS for success and keep going. When you get to your dream, jump out and claim your trophy. But don't stop there. Keep going as far as you can.

Best wishes!!

J.Q Rose
* * *
When I interviewed fifteen successful women about their successful careers, each one of them told me about obstacles in the way of their dream career. If you're interested in stories from doctors, chef, entrepreneurs, horse trainer, gardener, Olympic and Paralympic gold medalists, plus more, download a sample or purchase Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women now.

What are your plans for the summer? What is your dream career?
Please leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day
Take time during this Memorial Day to remember those who served our country and gave their lives to insure our freedom. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Strong, Smart, and Bold Girls, Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medal Winner Angela Ruggiero

Girls Silhouetted Jumping Against a Sunset Lighted Sky
Photo courtesy of Free Digital Photos.net
Strong, Smart & Bold by Carla Fine
An amazon reviewer's favorite quote from Strong, Smart, and Bold: Empowering Girls for Life--"The best way to inspire a girl to be strong, smart and bold is to help her think through her options and decide what she wants. Our investment is in making sure that when a girl runs up against the status quo and is told "Girls can't do that" or "Women aren't built for that" she will come back with, "Oh yeah?" and then do it anyway--her way."

Have you ever had to assert your girl power in a sitation? I love that campaign about "throwing like a girl." The girls in the video throw the ball perfectly, and prove that throwing like a girl or running like a girl is just fine!

hockey girls
Hockey girls have Goals.
When Angela Ruggiero was nine years old, her dad said the coach told him she couldn't play in an ice hockey tournament because she was a girl. Although she was heartbroken, she didn't give up on the game. Instead she determined to do even more to hone her skills and talent to become an outstanding college athlete and eventually an Olympics gold winner recipient.

To learn more about Angela Ruggiero, check out Chapter 10, Showing the Boys, in the Girls Succeed e-book available at
Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women
by J.Q. Rose

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thanks Mom, Happy Mother's Day, Design a Mother's Day Card

Thanks, Mom!

Wishing all the Moms a Happy Mother's Day!
Give Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or the special woman in your life a big hug this weekend 
and say thanks for all she does for you. 

If you would like to make this card at the top of the page, go to the canva website. This one is FREE to make, but there are other images that only cost $1. Or I bet you could design your own card just special for her. Have fun.