Friday, August 22, 2014

Proud of You, Mo'ne Davis, Back to School Sale


In the previous blog post, I shared the story of Little League pitcher, Mo'ne Davis and her 70 mph fast ball. She and her team, the Taney Dragons played in the semi-finals of the Little League World Series last night. The team lost to the Chicago team 6-5. So close.

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 I know Mo'ne, her team, friends and family are heartbroken, but so proud of what the team accomplished.  I mean we are talking world-wide competition here! Amazing. I know all of us at Girls Succeed! are tossing our caps in the air, standing up and shouting for the teams who compete in this prestigious series. You rock!

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Back to School. It's that time of year and some of you have started classes and others won't be going back to school until after Labor Day in the USA. Whether you think of it as Yahoo or Boo hoo, we at Girls Succeed want to mark the occasion with a 50% off discount on the interactive e-book, Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. $1.99

Girls Succeed!

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The guide is organized into themes that are found in the stories. You may jump around and use the themes/chapters in whatever order you wish. Questions for discussion and activities develop  themes on Passion, Persistence, Trailblazers, Feeling Different, Being the Best You Can Be, Overcoming Obstacles.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Throw Like a GRRRRL! Mo'ne Davis

You go GRRRRL--Mo'ne Davis
Photo courtesy of By Meawpong340
No longer is "throw like a girl" a demeaning thing to say to a girl. Little League baseball pitcher, Mo'ne Davis, can fire a baseball at 70 miles per hour accurately across home plate and Win! The thirteen year old teen-ager is the only girl on the Philadephia Taney Dragons, only the fourth American girl ever to play in the Little League World Series, and the first since 2004.

She made history when she became the first girl to throw a shutout in Little League World Series history, allowing only two hits, striking out eight batters and walking none against Tennessee. 
Her team plays again tonight. Go Mo'ne!!
UPDATE: Mo'ne's team plays tonight, Thursday, Aug 21, against the Chicago team. This game will determine if her team will play in the World Championship game scheduled for Saturday. Best wishes to ALL the kids!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Trailblazer: Coach Becky Hammon by Naypong

Congratulations to Coach Becky Hammon on being the first female full-time assistant coach in the National Basketball Association! Becky has joined the coaching staff of the San Antonio Spurs after a stellar career in Women's National Basketball Association.

Check out the CNN news video