Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Guest Contributor: Reegan with Some Wise Advice for Her Little Sister

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This week I am excited to publish an article contributed by Reegan, a senior in high school. She has some wonderful advice for her little sister. If you have a sister, I know you will identify with their relationship and probably get a smile out of reading her post. Enjoy.

Little Sister by Reegan 
Reegan and Her Little Sister

My sister can be annoying. Everything I do she wants to do it too. It’s hard to have a little sister who wants to be like you. She follows me around the house and wants to play pretend.

 “I’m too big for that” I'd say, "but I’ll always be your friend."

“Go away and play. I have important things to do," I told her.

Then before I knew it, my little sister grew. I remember so many great times we shared and wish we had more. Creating wonderful memories that will withstand time, that’s what friends are for.
I still can’t believe the little baby I talked to through mommy’s belly button, is officially a teenager today.

Now that you’re a teenager, here is some advice:

-don’t hate
-some people will never like you; kill them with kindness, and don’t let it bother you.
- don’t believe stereotypes, always get to know others before you judge.
-please don’t grow up too soon
-don’t let your mistakes define you, but learn from them.
-you’re absolutely beautiful and don’t let others make you believe otherwise.
-know your worth.
-always say thank you and apologize when needed.
-be forgiving, never hold grudges.
-prioritize your happiness, and enjoy being a teenager.
-trust me, jr/high school will FLY
I love you, Addy. Happy 13th!💘 
--contributed by Reegan

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About Reegan
Reegan is a senior in high school this year. After graduation she plans to finish her associates degree this summer online because she is dual enrolled in high school and her local community college. She's not sure of her major yet, but she is considering a career in the medical field, either nursing or dermatology, or in social work/therapy careers.
She says, "My initial goal in my life, career-wise, is to always have something new to do and help people somehow."

Thanks, Reegan, for sharing with us on the Girls Succeed Blog! I love your life goal. Best wishes in whatever career you choose.
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