Friday, May 17, 2019

Book Review: Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm

Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm
Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm
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Today, I'm sharing with you a magical story about the circus. I fell in love with it, but then again, I love the circus and stories surrounding a circus.

The Big Top circus tent
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay 
Magical. I always thought of the circus as a magical place. This story is about a circus that truly is magical. So many interesting characters with magical powers. Well-crafted characters who interact in a fantasy set in modern day--Albert the fortune teller, Cordelia the mermaid, two clowns named Sammy and Buster and Marcel a giant with huge muscles. 

Flynn, the main character, reminded me so much of teens today. So much pressure on them causing them to feel insecure so they can't speak up. Can Flynn overcome his insecurity and at the same time "win the heart of a girl named Rena?" This is a page-turning novel perfect for young readers and young-at-heart readers.

I purchased the print book instead of the Kindle format because I loved the circus drawings by the author. 

Find out more about this imaginative book below.
Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm
Traveling Circus by Ingar Rudholm


Trapped by a mysterious traveling circus!
 Young Flynn must find his inner courage to battle his way home. A crooked ringmaster, wielding a magic pocket watch that controls time, holds Flynn captive against his will. Escaping requires reaching out to some unusual circus performers. So, he befriends Cordelia who’s cursed to become a mermaid at night and Albert the fortuneteller who has a crystal ball where he can see the future and the past. Using the power of imagination and the fortuneteller's magic, Flynn must escape the circus before the ringmaster erases Flynn's memories forever!

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If you love clowns, check out Brenda Marshall's story of what inspired her to become a clown in the inspiring book for girls-- Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women. 
Brenda Marshall, professional clown, with children in China

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Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day and Promoting Peace Project

Mother's Day is Sunday!

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Do you know that Mother's Day evolved from mothers meeting together to promote peace?  

According to many sources and Wikipedia, the first attempts to establish a "Mother's Day" in the U.S. were mostly marked by women's peace groups. A common early activity was the meeting of groups of mothers whose sons had fought or died on opposite sides of the American Civil War. There were several limited observances in the 1870s and the 1880s but none achieved resonance beyond the local level.

In 1868 Ann Jarvis created a committee to establish a "Mother's Friendship Day" whose purpose was "to reunite families that had been divided during the Civil War", and she wanted to expand it into an annual memorial for mothers, but she died in 1905 before the celebration became popular. Her daughter Anna Jarvis would continue her mother's efforts.

Women have been at the forefront of peace movements to save their children from that horrendous experience and to try and unite people to make a better world for everyone.

Marrying promoting peace with honoring mothers is a powerful idea. Now let's do it!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Celebrating Women's History Month with Helena Fairfax' Struggle and Suffrage in Halifax

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According to the National Women's History Month Website, "every year, March is designated Women’s History Month by Presidential proclamation. The month is set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history."
On the Girls Succeed blog, we are proud to celebrate women who in the past or present have made a difference in their communities, regions, states, and countries. 
I'm excited to share a new book by my friend, Helena Fairfax, who reveals the lives of women in Halifax who fought for equality and the right to vote in England. England is celebrating the 100th anniversary this year by recognizing their determination and achievement in working for the vote. 
Let me introduce you to Helena's new book, just released in February to mark this important occasion.
NEW RELEASE: Struggle and Suffrage in Halifax (England): Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality by Helena Fairfax

BACK OF THE BOOKBetween 1800 and 1950 the town of Halifax grew beyond recognition. The booming mills and factories were built on the labour of women and their children, and yet their voices are almost completely missing from the history books. For the first time, this is the story of Halifax from the point of view of the women who helped shape the town. This was a period of extraordinary change, but the battle for equality was long. In 1800, many women were illiterate. By 1900, there was a thriving girls' high school in Halifax, and yet one of its most brilliant students was denied a full degree because she was a woman. In 1939, the Vicar of Halifax called women's economic independence "an evil".Families were large and women regularly died in childbirth. Many faced the stigma of single parenthood or else the terror of an illegal abortion. In the 1930s, the first Family Planning Clinic was set up by women in the town. In the 1840s, women in Halifax fought for their menfolk's right to vote. In 1911, when Emmeline Pankhurst gave a stirring speech at the Mechanics' Institute, women had yet to be granted a vote of their own, leading many women to boycott that year's census and at least two to declare their occupation as "slave".From girls in the factories to the first women stepping into public office, this book provides a fascinating and moving account of the lives of Halifax's women through the key events in the town's history.

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Helena Fairfax tells us the stories of the lives of the women in Halifax, England in the county of Yorkshire and how they gained the right to vote in her new release. She writes in her blog "6th February 2018 marks 100 years since the Representation of the People Act when all women over the age of 30 who met certain property restrictions were granted the vote for the first time. The Act also gave the right to vote to all men over the age of 21. It’s often forgotten that before 1918, around 40% of men in Britain were also denied a vote because of property restrictions. The vote was finally extended to all women over 21 in 1928." 
Click here to read more information in Helena's blog post.
Click on the links below to take you to stories of Emily Roebling who built the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and the WWII Women's Air Force Service Pilots featured on the Girls Succeed blog. 
Bridge Builder Emily Warren Roebling
Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASP)

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019
What is International Women's Day?
On March 8, around the world,  we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also calls for gender equality in status and pay. 

Trailblazing women on this blog are celebrated for what they have brought to our society. Whether she has become an Olympic gold medalist, a female astronaut, a combat pilot, a research scientist and more, we recognize the person, not only because she is a female, but because of her passion and strength and persistence to succeed in her career. 

Dream Big! 
Painting courtesy of artist Julie Ann McKevitt
Many of the women had dreams for their future success when they were girls. They worked hard to accomplish those dreams. I interviewed 15 women who are role models for girls who are dreaming about their plans for the future. By reading the stories of these amazing women, girls are inspired to work toward their dreams.

Celebrating Women during the International Women's Day 2019
These women share their stories in the eBook, Girls Succeed! Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women.

You're invited to browse through the Girls Succeed blog and discover all the stories of the women profiled. If there is a girl in your life, please share this inspiring website with her. Thank you.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Celebrating the Life of Trailblazer Captain Rosemary Mariner

U.S. Navy Captain Rosemary Mariner was a true trailblazer for women in the military. 

She was the first female tactical fighter jet pilot in the US Navy.

In 1990 Rosemary became the first woman to command an aviation squadron in the Navy and was selected for major aviation shore command. 

She was the first woman pilot to land a jet on an aircraft carrier, subsequently she was a veteran of seventeen carrier deployments with over 3,500 military flight hours in fifteen different Navy aircraft.

She and two other women were the first women aviators selected for promotion to Captain in the U.S. Navy in 1993.

Captain Mariner worked with Congress and an advisory board in the Defense Department to lift the restrictions on female pilots flying combat missions. The results of this ruling truly opened doors to opportunities for women aviators and removed regulations that did not allow women in combat.
Information for this blog post is from an article in  Wikipedia


Our condolences to her family and our thanks for her service to our country.
Please Note: For the first time in history, at Rosemary's funeral on February 2, 2019, the United States Navy conducted a flyover by a team of female pilots. The Navy explained, "The Missing Man Flyover is a special tribute honoring the service of aviators who have died serving their country. The maneuver features four aircraft flying above the funeral service in formation as one of the aircraft leaves the formation and climbs vertically into the heavens.”

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First Female US Army Infantry Officer--Captain Kristen Griest

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Friday, January 25, 2019

Be Yourself! by J.Q. Rose

Be Yourself by J.Q. Rose
Originally published as a guest post at author Lisa Orchard's blog. Click here to visit Lisa's blog.
Are you familiar with the song, “Little Boxes” written in 1963 by Melvina Reynolds?
~Listen to the song performed by two talented young ladies, the Wayukes, on Youtube.
"Little Boxes" performed by the Wayukes
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same,
There’s a pink one and a green one
And a blue one and a yellow one
And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.
Listeners to the catchy tune and lyrics have several ideas for its meaning. One of them is the protest against all the cheap housing of suburbia which sprang up in the 60’s. People called the sub-divisions a cookie-cutter method of building homes with ticky tacky or shoddy materials.
Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken.
~~Oscar Wilde
The message I receive from the lyrics is the complaint of everyone trying to be the same and not stand out, but conforming to what someone else thinks they should be. Pre-teens and teens especially want to “fit in.” A person is embarrassed or humiliated for being different. Wearing the wrong clothes, having big ears, not speaking clearly can all be reasons for a bully or uncaring person to criticize and make fun. Sad to say the teasing happens all the time, and it is hurtful.

Girls Succeed!
Inspiring girls to achieve success
in their dream careers
In my non-fiction ebook for girls, Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women, the family of a woman I interviewed moved so many times when she was a child, she couldn’t make friends. She was always the odd one in a group. Because she didn’t want to stand out, she tried to hide how smart she was and was not proud of it. Finally her last few years in high school, she joined the band and sports teams and made friends. She blossomed into the person she really was. She is now a medical doctor and researcher at a university.
 We forget to appreciate all the wonderful qualities each of us has. Instead of grumbling about what you don’t have, list the positive things in your personality. Every person is special with gifts and talents inside us just waiting to be developed during our life journey.
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J.Q. Rose
About Janet: After writing feature articles in magazines, newspapers, and online magazines for over fifteen years, J.Q. Rose entered the world of fiction writing with her published mysteries released by BWL Publishing. With Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women she returns to her first love, writing about real people.  Blogging, photography, Pegs and Jokers board games, and travel are the things that keep her out of trouble. Spending winters in Florida with her husband allows Janet the opportunity to enjoy the life of a snowbird. Summer finds her camping and hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with her four grandsons and granddaughter.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Guest Contributor: Reegan with Some Wise Advice for Her Little Sister

Hello and Welcome to the Girls Succeed blog!
Girls Succeed!
This week I am excited to publish an article contributed by Reegan, a senior in high school. She has some wonderful advice for her little sister. If you have a sister, I know you will identify with their relationship and probably get a smile out of reading her post. Enjoy.

Little Sister by Reegan 
Reegan and Her Little Sister

My sister can be annoying. Everything I do she wants to do it too. It’s hard to have a little sister who wants to be like you. She follows me around the house and wants to play pretend.

 “I’m too big for that” I'd say, "but I’ll always be your friend."

“Go away and play. I have important things to do," I told her.

Then before I knew it, my little sister grew. I remember so many great times we shared and wish we had more. Creating wonderful memories that will withstand time, that’s what friends are for.
I still can’t believe the little baby I talked to through mommy’s belly button, is officially a teenager today.

Now that you’re a teenager, here is some advice:

-don’t hate
-some people will never like you; kill them with kindness, and don’t let it bother you.
- don’t believe stereotypes, always get to know others before you judge.
-please don’t grow up too soon
-don’t let your mistakes define you, but learn from them.
-you’re absolutely beautiful and don’t let others make you believe otherwise.
-know your worth.
-always say thank you and apologize when needed.
-be forgiving, never hold grudges.
-prioritize your happiness, and enjoy being a teenager.
-trust me, jr/high school will FLY
I love you, Addy. Happy 13th!💘 
--contributed by Reegan

* * *
About Reegan
Reegan is a senior in high school this year. After graduation she plans to finish her associates degree this summer online because she is dual enrolled in high school and her local community college. She's not sure of her major yet, but she is considering a career in the medical field, either nursing or dermatology, or in social work/therapy careers.
She says, "My initial goal in my life, career-wise, is to always have something new to do and help people somehow."

Thanks, Reegan, for sharing with us on the Girls Succeed Blog! I love your life goal. Best wishes in whatever career you choose.
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Do you have a sister or a brother? Tell us about him or her in a comment below.