Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trailblazer: First Full-time Female NFL Referee Sarah Thomas, Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday
Football Stadium
It's Super Bowl Sunday!! Will you be watching?
What a spectacular night to wind up the professional football season. This isn't a game just for guys anymore. Girls are finding their way onto the football field as players and referees.

Sarah Thomas became the first female National Football League referee in 2015.
Here's what she said about the NFL referees--"All these guys have years and years of experience and knowledge and know what the next level is looking for so if I can learn, why not learn from them.”

Sarah has worked her way up from officiating at high school games, to college games and has been in the NFL's Officiating Development program. She achieved this opportunity by putting in hard work and dedication.

She won't be a referee at the Super Bowl tonight, but I bet you'll be seeing this trailblazer and more female NFL referees in the future because of Sarah's groundbreaking work in refereeing professional football games.

Congratulations, Sarah!

Do you like to play or watch football? Leave a comment below or congratulations message to Sarah.
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