Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cyclist Mackenzie Woodring joins TEAM USA in the 2016 Rio Paralympics

Mackenzie Woodring and teammate Shawn Cheshire will be competing
in the tandem bike racing competition at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.
Congratulations to Mackenzie Woodring and her tandem riding teammate Shawn Cheshire for making the Team USA Paralympics squad. Mackenzie, a professional bike rider, has been piloting tandem bikes for visually impaired riders for the past eight years. Shawn, who is from New York, is her third partner in the sport. They have been teammates for three years.

I interviewed her my e-book for Middle Grade girls Girls Succeed! when she was just beginning her career in cycling. She still juggles working as an engineer and her biking competitions, but at this elite level she has to continue to train year round while working her full-time job as an engineer.
Mackenzie and Shawn
Courtesy photo
The Summer Paralympic Games for highly skilled athletes who have physical disabilities begin September 7 and will end September 18 in Rio in Brazil. Athletes from all over the world compete in 23 Paralympic sports and 528 events. The games use the same venues as the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

In 2008 Mackenzie Woodring and  Karissa Whitsell won gold, silver and bronze medals in cycling in Beijing. Not only did they medal three times at the Paralympics, they set a world record in cycling.

Mackenzie Woodring
I told Mackenzie I'd have to edit out the porta-potties 

in the back ground for the book,
 but she exclaimed,
 "Porta-potties are very important to racers!" 

So I left them in for this post. 
Courtesy photo
It has been a privilege to follow Mackenzie's career. She is an excellent role model for girls.
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For more information about Mackenzie and the Paralympics click on the sites below:

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