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Trailblazer: Major Party Candidate for US President Hillary Rodham Clinton

Presumptive Democratic Candidate for USA President
Hillary Rodham Clinton
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At the Girls Succeed Blog, we regularly spotlight women trailblazers. Today we recognize Hillary Rodham Clinton as the first major party candidate for President of the United States. 

We say major party because the two major groups who send up candidates for election are the Republican and Democratic parties. Ms. Clinton is running on the Democratic ticket. Donald Trump is running on the Republican ticket. 

Business woman Carly Fiorina was one of the 17 candidates who took part in the debates and campaigned for president for the Republican party this year.
Flag of the United States of America
Photo by J.Q. Rose
The conventions to formally nominate the candidates will be held this summer. After each party's first elections within their party, presumptive candidates Clinton and Trump respectively have each received the most votes and will be nominated to be their party's candidate for president. 

Other parties will nominate candidates for president too. Three minor parties were recognized in more than 10 states as of April 2016
Libertarian Party: 33 states
Green Party: 21 states
Constitution Party: 13 states

According to, the first woman to run for president was
Victoria Woodhull representing the Equal Rights Party in 1872 and the Humanitarian Party in 1892.
Belva LockwoodNational Equal Rights Party: 1884, 1888
Her campaign for president in 1884 was the first full-scale national campaign of a woman running for president.
More recently, Jill Stein was the 2012 Green Party candidate and is attempting to win the nomination of the Green Party again in 2016.
If you are interested in learning more about the women who have been presidential candidates through history, click here to read the article on the women's history website.

Would YOU like to be the President of your country? Are you interested in holding an elected office? Please leave a comment. I would love to read your thoughts
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