Monday, September 24, 2012

USA National Park Service Ranger

This ranger was our guide when we cruised an Alaskan fjord this summer.
She did a fabulous job of finding the wildlife and explaining the history of the area.
Do you like to work outdoors? Do you like nature and animals? Then you may want to consider becoming a National Park Ranger. According to the National Park Service website there are job opportunities at "397 national parks and in partnership with communities across the country to preserve their history and create places for outdoor fun."

Playful otter greeted us on our cruise.

Eagle looking over the fishing possibilities.

Enjoying a sun bath.

These are a few of the photos of wildlife we spotted on our tour. The Park Service ranger was enthusiastic and full of information. She sounded as excited as we were when we saw the animals in this wild environment. She works as a seasonal  ranger during the high tourist time beginning in early summer until fall. Full-time permanent careers and internships are also available for rangers. Our ranger guide said she was proud to know that there is opportunity for career advancement in the National Park Service.

Rangers work in so many different kinds of jobs from archaeologists, gardeners, museum specialists, to police park rangers and more. Find out more at the National Park Service website.

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