Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mackenzie Woodring, Gold Medalist in Cycling

The Summer Paralympics are this week in London, England. Athletes from all over the world compete in 20 sports and 500 events. The games are held in London using the same venues as the Olympic Games 2012. The highly skilled athletes who compete in the paralympic games have physical disabilities.

Mackenzie Woodring, athlete

Team USA members Mackenzie Woodring and  Karissa Whitsell won gold, silver and bronze medals in cycling in the 2008 Paralympics held in Beijing, China. Mackenzie and Karissa raced a tandem bicycle which seats two riders. Mackenzie was the pilot on this team because Karissa is blind/visually impaired. This team combines their athletic skills into a powerful duo to race competitors from many countries.

Mackenzie joined the U.S. Paralympics team to partner with Karissa. Not only did they medal three times at the Paralympics, they set a world record in cycling.

Mackenzie Woodring
I told Mackenzie I'd have to edit out the porta-potties in the back ground for the book,
 but she exclaimed,
 "Porta-potties are very important to racers!" So I left them in for this post. 
At this elite level of competition, Mackenzie has to keep training year round.  It is difficult for her to put in the ten to twenty hours of training each week because she also has a full time job as an engineer.  Ninety percent of the women who race need to work at another job.  The prize money for winning is not enough to depend on for a living.

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  1. Mackenzie, thanks so much for being a guest on Girls Succeed. You have accomplished so much in your cycling. Looking forward to following your career. Best wishes!!

  2. Loved the comment about the porta-potties. Yes, they are very important. :-)

  3. Joselyn, thanks for stopping in. Important this weekend too since the restroom facilities at family camp were not working. Yikes! Only had 3 porta potties nearby otherwise had to trudge clear across the camp for showers. So we washed off in Lake Michigan!!

  4. Another blogging friend followed the 2012 Paralympics games and shared about them on her blog, so I learned a lot about them this year. What an inspirations the athletes are.

  5. Susanne--great news! Mackenzie and tandem partner Kara won two gold medals this weekend at the 2012 Nationals for Team USA!