Saturday, September 6, 2014

Start Your Own Mother-Daughter Book Club

Do you like to read? Do you like to watch videos? Do you like to talk and laugh?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I bet you'd be a good candidate to start your own Mother-Daughter Book and Video Club. 

I know your lives are very busy, so why start something new? Book clubs are more than about sharing and discussing books we love to read. This is a special mother-daughter time set aside to be together and a time for friends to interact with mothers and daughters. 
A chance to tune up reading skills. 
A forum to speak in front of a group. 
Opportunities to have discussions on topics that may be difficult to discuss otherwise.

Author Lori Day says, "What matters most is being a club focused on providing a nurturing community for your daughters as they grow up."--Her Next Chapter

Here are a few ideas to get your club started. 

1. Invite girls of the same age to join the club. Be sure to invite the moms too, but you should make sure that both the mom and the girl you invite enjoy reading books and watching videos. (You may wish to make it just a book club or just a video club.)

2. Keep the number of members low. As little as three gals and their moms can be a club because you can have a good discussion about the book/video with that number. I would recommend not more than six pairs in a club.

3. Decide when to meet. Once a month is usually doable but you may want to make it once ever six weeks to allow all the moms and girls to have the opportunity to read the book before the meeting.

4. Decide where to meet. Hosting the meetings in homes is a comfortable place to meet. (Plus the snacks are easy to get to!) If not homes, perhaps your public library has a small meeting room or a church has a classroom available.

5. Schedule an organizational meeting for mothers and daughters to get together to discuss what the objectives of the club are and to determine what kinds of books/videos they want to explore.  Girls should have a voice in this because they are one half of the group.

6. And last, but definitely not least, choose books and videos appropriate for the girls' age. You can ask your girls' teachers for a suggested reading list, check with librarians, and discover resources on the Internet such as A Mighty Girl,''books for smart, confident, and courageous girls' like you!"  and a

 7. For more information on starting a book club check the Mighty Girl site and a book by Lori Day, Her Next Chapter: Mother-Daughter Book Clubs.

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