Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review of Dream Shade by Heather Fraser Brainerd--YA Paranormal Mystery Romance

Young Adult Paranormal Mystery Romance
Here's a summary of the story:
As if high school wasn't tough enough, sophomore Sarah Pasmore has one extra little problem: ghosts have started appearing to Sarah and they seem to want something from her. With help from her brainy best friend, as well as a few new friends (including the hottest guy in school), Sarah must solve the mystery of what the spirits want in order to put them back to rest. To complicate matters further, a more evil spirit will go to great lengths to make sure this doesn’t happen. As they investigate the past to unravel this supernatural mystery, the teens learn a lesson in the powers of friendship and love.

I don't like ghosts unless it's Casper, the friendly ghost. But because I enjoy Heather Brainerd's storytelling, I decided to try Dream Shade. I was not disappointed. Brainerd skillfully handled mixing a contemporary teen story with a Victorian era ghost story. What a brilliant juggling act to develop these characters and settings. The interaction between her family seemed so typical and contemporary and very entertaining. Sara, the main character, also had to deal with being a teen and meeting the cute guy she always dreamed of. She involved her friends to help her sort out these crazy dreams of ghosts, and what a romp we enjoy as we read the story of the kids uncovering who the ghosts are and what they want. It kept me reading to find out how this talented author could wrap up all these story lines and deliver a satisfaction ending. She did all of that and with lots of humor too!

Dream Shade is now available at MuseItUp Publishing, Amazon, and all major online booksellers.


Heather Fraser Brainerd is a renaissance woman. After earning a degree in Anthropology, she embarked on an incongruous career as a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster. 
She rapidly climbed the claims-handling ladder before surprising her colleagues by leaving the high-powered world of lumbar strains and carpal tunnel syndrome to run a child care center. Thousands of dirty diapers and gallons of strained peas later, she decided that maybe the insurance industry wasn’t quite as bad as she remembered. It was. Fortunately, a few brief years into that second stint, she was swept off her feet by the most wonderful man in the world. Now a stay-home mom to three amazing boys, she is able, at long last, to focus on her writing. In addition to her fictional explorations, she writes a foodie column for the Rochester magazine Citizen. Heather lives in New York with her family and their crazy pug/terrier.

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