Friday, July 19, 2013

Trailblazer: Alice Ramsey First Woman to Drive Across the USA 1909

Are you taking a road trip this summer? Traveling the Interstates and the highways that crisscross America? Imagine trying to drive across the United States in 1909 when there was only 152 miles of paved roads and in other places only muddy two tracks or Indian trails to lead you across the rugged country.

Alice's account of her journey across America in 1909.

Twenty-one year old Alice Ramsey was the trailblazing woman who set out from New York City and traveled over 3800 miles arriving in San Francisco, California worn out but exhilarated by her accomplishment which opened opportunities to women who wanted to drive cars and travel. She and her three female friends completed the sometimes muddy, sometimes dusty "road trip" in forty one days. They were plagued by flat tires, break downs, wrong directions, and more but they also celebrated milestones along the way.

Take a peek at this video about Alice's trip and Emily Andersen who re-enacted Alice's journey on the 100th anniversary of the ride which began June 9, 1909.

How would you like to take a road trip like this? No air conditioning, DVD player or even a radio, no fast food restaurants or even restaurants to stop for meals, and no gas stations or rest areas to stop for, well you know what I mean! 

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