Friday, January 25, 2013

Career: Sue Chef with Easy Recipes

Sue Chef shares some easy recipes
The beginning of the new year means a lot of folks make new year resolutions to improve their lives by changing habits or taking up new interests. Did you make any resolutions this year?

In case one of your plans is to eat healthy foods, then you might want to print the following recipes shared by Sue Chef. Sue believes "fresh is best." She prepares food that is tasty and good-for-you.

Here are a couple of her tasty recipes that are easy to whip up whenever you want a snack.

Homemade Trail Mix

Combine ¼ cup unsweetened apricots, ¼ cup dried cherries (unsweetened), ¼ cup almonds, ¼ cup walnuts, ¼ cup roasted whole kernel pumpkin seed, and 5 cups Multi-Grain Cheerios. Serves 5

Sue says you can choose your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and whole grain cereal to create your own special blend of homemade trail mix.

Mango Berry Smoothie

In food processor, combine ½ cup water or milk, ½ cup frozen mango, ½ cup frozen raspberries, 2 oz tofu, 1 tsp honey

These recipes are from The Take Charge of ADHD Booklet with recipes by Sue Chef

To learn more about Sue and the story behind how she became a chef, check out the new non-fiction e-book, Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women.

Girls Succeed is available to download a sample and purchase at the following online booksellers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the recipes. : )

    1. You are very welcome. If you get a chance to try one, let me know how delicious it is!!

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