Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girls Succeed Book Tour Winding Down--Enter Now to Win Prizes

The Girls Succeed Book Tour is drawing to a close. I want to thank my friends and authors who so graciously allowed me space to introduce readers to the e-book and the stories of the awesome women inside the pages.

Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women is a project close to my heart. Girls have so many circumstances to deal with in today's teen lives. In fact, life is different for them compared to my life as a teen. There was no Internet, cell phones, emails, Facebook, and hey, not even microwaves. The problems of body image, availability of huge amounts of fast food and snacks filled with sugar and salt, bullying (well, yes, we did have bullies, but not on the Internet too!), and a life so full of activities the girl never gets to come down to spend time just dreaming big dreams.

I hope this book encourages big dreams and guides a girl toward making a plan for her life and working hard to achieve it. 

There is still time to leave comments here and on the other blogs I visited so you will be entered into the drawings for a $10. amazon gift certificate, free Girls Succeed e-book with format of your choice, and inspirational notepads and gel pens. The link to the blogs are listed below. Winners will be announced at 9 pm Sunday evening.

Thanks for following. Best wishes!

5Barbara Ehrentreu
7Pat McDermott
9Marva Dasef
12Conda Douglas
14Lisa Haselton
15I.B. Nosey
16Penny Estelle
18Announce winners

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