Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to Girls Succeed!

Come on in to the Girls Succeed Blog. 
This is the very first post so we are celebrating.

Let the party begin! I have delicious cheese cake, chocolate cake, marble cake, a huge bowl of fresh, colorful fruit, and all the soda pop (we call it pop in Michigan) you could ever dream of. Ice cream is at the end of the table. The punch bowl is over there in the corner. Help yourselves. 

I am thrilled you found us. On this blog we are going to share stories about wonderful women who were once upon a time, girls like you. We'll learn about their dreams and how they succeeded in making their dreams come true.

We'll also learn about their dream careers and explore areas of interest to you.

You are welcome to leave a comment with suggestions for careers you are interested in pursuing. Thank you for visiting today.

Did you ever think about being a musher? Yep, that's a dog sledder. The next post is about Jamie, the dog sledder. Check it out!

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  1. Yeah, a party to kick off this cool blog!