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2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Open, Olympic Gold Medalist Angela Ruggiero

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The 2014 Winter Olympics open today in Sochi, Russia. Athletes from around the world will compete in thrilling sports such as snowboarding ice skating, skiing, ice hockey, and more. We will be glued to our TV to root for our respective country men and women to do their best and bring home the gold.

Olympic gold medalist Angela Ruggiero did just that in 1998 as a member of the Team USA women's ice hockey team.

Angela is an internationally known athlete for her skills in ice hockey. She's been a member of the Olympics Team USA four times, voted the #1 hockey player in the world by Hockey News, and serves as President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women through sports and physical activity.    

She was a member of the 1998 U.S. Olympic Gold Medal Team, 2002 U. S. Olympic Silver Medal Team, 2006 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal Team,  2009-2010 U. S. Women’s National Team and 2010 U. S. Olympic Silver Medal Team

In 1992, Angela learned that women’s hockey was going to be an Olympic sport in 1998. From that point on, at twelve years old, she trained hard with one goal in mind, to go to the Olympics.
When she was fifteen in 1995, Angela was invited to a training camp for women’s hockey.  At the end of the camp a team would be chosen for the 1996 U S Women’s Select Team. The 1998 Olympic team would be made up of members of the Select Team. Angela was competing against experienced high school and college players. As one of the youngest players, Angela knew she had to work hard to prove herself in order to secure a place on the team.
According to her book, Breaking the Ice, her dad taped a dollar inside of her helmet before she left for camp. “When you make the team, use this dollar to go buy yourself a soda to celebrate,” he said.  
At the end of the training camp, Angela was thrilled and excited when she was chosen for the team.  But instead of using the dollar to celebrate by buying a soda, she kept it taped to the inside of her helmet as her lucky dollar bill. Angela went on to play in the 1998 Olympics and on other championship teams. She still keeps her lucky dollar bill in her helmet every time she plays.

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