Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day Celebration Time

Earth Day 2015
Photo courtesy of by Stuart Miles
April 22 is dedicated as Earth Day every year. Founded in 1970 to promote conservation of our Earth and good stewardship of our environment, people in 192 countries (according to Wikipedia) bring awareness to the problems of pollution and the need to protect our beautiful world.

We can do simple things to help in this cause:

  • Recycle cans, glasses, plastic.
  • Turn off lights in vacant rooms.
  • Collect newspapers and take them to the recycling center. 
  • Walk or ride your bike instead of taking a vehicle where you go.

Please remember Earth Day was to bring awareness to taking care of our Earth, but not for just that one day. Make your effort for this day a year long, life-time commitment and do something every day to eliminate pollution and add to a healthy environment to live in.

How about you? What can you do to conserve our Earth's environment? Please leave a comment and tell us. Thank you.

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